Broadcast to Patients Utility

In support of family doctors' effort to vaccinate the remaining 20%.

Note: CLINIC_PHONE_NUMBER will be replaced by the clinic's phone number in Step 2 automatically.

Step 3: Receive our call and enter a 6-digits validation code to verify caller ID


  1. Source of the idea: Dr. David Kaplan's presentation at the COVID-19 Community of Practice for Ontario Family Physicians
  2. Patient phone numbers can be separated by spaces, commas or new lines, e.g. copy-and-pasted from a CSV file or spreadsheet.
  3. This utility can detect answering machines and will leave message after the prompt automatically.
  4. Both Canadian and US phone numbers are supported (with or without dashes).
  5. It will not tie up the clinic's phone line.
  6. This is a not-for-profit service. If you need to broadcast to more than 50 patients, payment is required at a rate of $2 per 100 calls. This will enable us to operate this service in a sustainable way.
  7. Data retention: Clinic email address/phone number will be kept for follow-ups. Patient phone numbers are used one time only. They are not retained once the calls have been completed.
  8. If you have any questions, please feel free to email
  9. Made by the same group of volunteers who has built the tool. Hope this helps.